Ceiling lamp maintenance methods

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Ceiling lamp maintenance methods

Ceiling lamps are named because they are flat above the lamps and lanterns and can be safely attached to the roof at the bottom when installed. Both absorb the luxury and grandeur of the chandelier, but also the installation of the ceiling lamp, to avoid the short room cannot be installed with large luxury lighting defects. The ceiling lamps are good, but if you do not pay attention to the daily cleaning, it will also damage the beauty! Here's how to clean ceiling lamps daily!

Here is the content list:

  • Living room ceiling lamps maintenance tips

  • Ceiling lamp maintenance methods

Living room ceiling lamps maintenance tips

1. When installing ceiling lamps, take into account the roof of the home, if the roof of the masonry structure, to use pre-buried bolts, or with expansion bolts, nylon plugs, plastic plugs, etc. fixed, cannot use wooden wedges. Usually do not hang too many decorations on the ceiling lamp, otherwise more than the carrying capacity will fall and hurt people.

2. Pay attention to the room temperature, especially crystal ceiling lamps, often specify a specific ambient temperature, the temperature is too high or too low will affect its life, so keep the temperature appropriate.

3. Usually should regularly check the ceiling lamp, if the lamp foot has poor contact or loose glow starter, etc., should be timely reinstallation and adjustment.

4. Although the ceiling lamp is close to the ceiling, when the lamp is on some electromagnetic reactions will still absorb the dust in the air. The lamp will also attract mosquitoes flying into the ceiling lampshade, so remember to keep a clean home environment, more clean lamps, and lanterns to prevent the lamp from becoming dark.

5. Carefully avoid letting hard objects touch the lamps and lanterns, otherwise, it is easy to scratch the surface of the lamps and lanterns, serious will also let the lamp body shatter. If you want to move the lamps and lanterns, to keep the balance, pay attention not to let the ceiling lamp to the side down.

Ceiling lamp maintenance methods

1. As the ceiling lamp hanging high, lampshade, lamp bulb and easy to break, so, when dismantling the lampshade, try to two people with; before dismantling, first turn off the power, do not use a wet rag to scrub the lamp base to prevent leakage.

2. Ceiling lamp shade cleaning, according to the different materials of the ceiling lampshade, there are different cleaning methods: cloth shade, first use a small vacuum cleaner to suck off the surface dust, and then pour some detergent scrub; if the inside of the ceiling lamp shade is paper material, should avoid using detergent directly to prevent breakage, wipe with a dry cloth once; frosted glass shade with a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste cleaning, the dirt in the bump can be wrapped in a soft cloth Toothpick processing.

3. The dirt above the lamp base cleaning, you can first remove the dust on the surface of the ceiling lamp, then wipe with a cotton cloth dipped in toothpaste, do not let the moisture stay on the lamp base.

4. When scrubbing the ceiling lamp, you should use lamp-colored cotton socks or cotton gloves on your hands, gently wipe the lamp, do not randomly move the parts inside the ceiling lamp. After cleaning, the lamps should be installed as-is, do not miss, wrong parts.

The above is about the daily maintenance of ceiling lamps and repair methods, you can follow the knowledge introduced above to repair ceiling lamps, their repair can save money to hire someone, but also save time, we can also experience the joy

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