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We, DLSS Lighting Co,Ltd, is a pro-fessional factory engaged in the researchdesign and sale of modern home decorative lighting.
1.Our company has experienced design capabilities and releases a series of new products every month.
2.We have a complete production process, with a monthly output of 15000 chandeliers.
3.Our products are often used in homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.
Why Use For Chandelier
DLSS Lighting Co,Ltd,We are a professional manufacturer of LED chandeliers.
Chandelier lights have a great function. It can be placed around the ceiling or on top of furniture.
The light from the chandelier directly shines on the household items that need to be emphasized, highlighting the subjective aesthetic effect, achieving a prominent focus, unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere, and colorful artistic effect.
And the service life is long, and the overall quality is quite good.
The function of suspended ceiling is to improve indoor environment, meet functional requirements, decorate indoor space, and play a beautifying role.
We will provide you with the perfect dlss led chandelier
Featured Chandelier Light


The design language of the stick balanced LED chandelier, represented by basic geometric forms, showcases a harmonious and outstanding combination of lines. As a classic dlss modern chandelier series, the stick balanced LED chandelier is a lamp with poetic and basic design, and its brightness is maintained by LED technology. It consists of eight linear elements combined to create a luminous scene with different configurations and huge visual impact.


The design language of the bird group chandelier is expressed by the fashionable image of birds, showcasing the inspiration of nature this time. As a classic DLSS series, the Bird Swarm chandelier is a lamp with poetic and natural elements, and its brightness is maintained by LED technology. It is presented in the image of a bird, with a luminous scene of different configurations and huge visual impact.
Chandelier Light Video
DLSS Lighting Co,Ltd,We are a professional manufacturer of modern chandelier
Chandelier Light Projects
The use of different sizes of chandeliers and unique color combinations creates a lively atmosphere that can bring joy to people.
The use of glass chandeliers with a luminous effect can not only provide bright enough light but also make the entire environment more elegant and comfortable.
Using chandeliers at the bar counter can enhance the atmosphere and enhance the lively effect of lighting on the environment.
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