What are the features of the Floor lamp

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What are the features of the Floor lamp

Lamps are essential in our lives, and with the progress of science and technology, there is now a greater variety of lamps and lanterns, and people have more and more space to choose from, Floor lamps being one of them. A good Floor lamp not only has the role of lighting, but can also be used as a decoration for the home, but also as a work of art. So do you know what the characteristics of Floor lamps are?

Here is the content list:

•General characteristics of Floor lamps

•Corner light features

General characteristics of Floor lamps

Floor lamps are often used as local lighting, not for comprehensive purposes, but to emphasize the convenience of movement and are very practical for creating a corner atmosphere.  Floor lamps are suitable for reading and other activities that require mental concentration if the light is projected directly downwards, and for indirect lighting to adjust the overall change in light. The lower edge of the shade of a floor lamp should be more than 1.8 meters above the floor. The shade of the Floor lamp requires a simple, generous, and decorative shade. The cylinder shade is more popular, and the waffle shape and lantern shape are also used more often. Some people like to make their own shades, like the large lampshades made from film white film, and paintings, which are very interesting. The stands for Floor lamps are often made of metal, turned wood, or materials that take advantage of natural forms. The stand and base must be made or chosen to match the lampshade so that there is no sense of disproportion between a "small man wearing a big hat" or a "tall man wearing a small hat".

Corner light features

The corner lamp, which also belongs to the Floor lamp category, is like an increased size table lamp, only with an additional high base. Functionally speaking the corner lamp is the same as the Floor lamp, stylistically it seems more robust and elegant, it often has a bottle, cylindrical seat with an umbrella or cylinder shade, and is used beautifully in the corners of sofas or furniture. If you are a TV fan, we suggest you put a Floor lamp by your sofa or bed. You need a little gentle light source when watching TV to reduce the irritation of the TV screen light on your eyes. A living room with a sofa can be decorated with a Floor lamp behind the sofa. This will ensure that your reading needs are met and will not affect your family watching TV. The height of the Floor lamp is generally 120-130cm, if you can adjust the height or angle of the lampshade is best. The shape and color of the lamp should be in harmony with the furniture in the living room. If required, the light from the Floor lamp can also be played upwards and used as background lighting. Adjusting the height of the lamp can change the diameter of the aperture, thus controlling the intensity of the light and creating a hazy aesthetic.

These are the characteristics of Floor lamps. If you need a Floor lamp, you can consider our cost-effective products. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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