Chandelier installation must comply with lighting principles

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Chandelier installation must comply with lighting principles

Chandeliers are not just to illuminate the room, but to do it by certain principles, to have a good decorative effect and reflect the lighting function. Choose different chandeliers according to different scenes.

Here is the content:

l In bedrooms

l In the living room

l In the dining room

In bedrooms

Bedrooms often have multiple functions in our country, such as living room, study, dressing room and so on. Dressing requires uniform light to be illuminated from the top and front of the person to get a clear image in the mirror, so the modern chandelier source cannot be placed behind the person's head. Hair can be seen. Reading and writing require a writing desk lamp, and the indoor light can be darker and softer when sleeping. But for people who have the habit of reading in bed before going to bed, it is best to adjust the brightness and angle of the bedside lamp. The simple way is to install two modern chandeliers, one bright and one dark.

In the living room

The living room has many functions, such as chatting with guests, watching TV, and listening to music. For example, there is a small bar next to the home audio-visual center, so drinks are also here. Don't expect one crystal chandelier to solve all problems. When there are many people, you can use modern chandeliers, wall lamps, etc. to obtain comprehensive lighting and uniform astigmatism. When two or three people are talking, floor lamps or wall lamps can be used to partially illuminate the coffee table in front of the sofa, rather than illuminate the people involved in the heart-to-heart. When the audio-visual center is used, only a small 3-watt chandelier in the living room can be used as background light to obtain some weak lighting.

In the dining room

The dining room is different from the kitchen. It is best to install a modern chandelier for full lighting in the kitchen, and another spotlight to aim at the stove for easy operation. The dining room is the place where people eat, and both the East and the West attach great importance to the lighting effect here. Westerners pay attention to quiet dining, and the indoor lighting is softer and darker; while China has always prided itself on its sophisticated cooking, which is indispensable for the appreciation of the color of the dishes, which requires bright lighting. To balance the two, it is recommended to use a stretchable modern chandelier, not only the retractable wire can freely determine the height of the lamp, but its large lampshade in red or other beautiful colors will also increase the appetite.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce chandeliers that meet the standards to ensure the safety of the power supply and the healthy development of the market. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD has carried out many tests on the flexible wires for connection before leaving the factory, and the quality pass rate is guaranteed. You can consider our cost-effective chandeliers.

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