What types of Floor lamps are available

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What types of Floor lamps are available

Floor lamps generally made up of shades, brackets, and bases, are generally arranged in living rooms and lounge areas, used in conjunction with sofas and coffee tables, to meet the needs of local lighting and decorative family environments. Floor lamps are often used for local lighting, not to speak of comprehensiveness, but to emphasize the convenience of movement, and are very practical for the creation of a corner atmosphere. It is an essential decoration for the home. So do you know the classification of Floor lamps?

Here is the content list:

•Directly illuminated Floor lamp

•Up-lit floor lamps

Directly illuminated Floor lamp

The way the Floor lamp is lit is suitable for activities requiring mental concentration such as reading if it is projected directly downwards, and for indirect lighting to adjust the overall change in light. The lower edge of the shade of a Floor lamp should be more than 1.8 meters above the floor.

Directly illuminated Floor lamps are the more familiar fixtures. It is best to keep the lower edge of the lampshade lower than the eyes so that the light from the bulb does not cause discomfort to the eyes. In addition, too much light contrast in the room can choose a Floor lamp that can be dimmed as much as possible. When using direct lighting, it is best to avoid mirrors and glassware in the vicinity of the reading area to avoid discomfort caused by reflections. This type of Floor lamp has a more concentrated light, with a clear local effect and a small impact on the surrounding area. The light from the Floor lamp shines diffusely from the ceiling and is evenly spread throughout the room. This "indirect" lighting is softer and less irritating to the eye and can also be relaxing to a certain extent. The use of this type of Floor lamp is quite common in some of the modern minimalist home designs that are now popular.

Up-lit floor lamps

When we buy up lighting Floor lamps, we have to consider the height of the ceiling, 1.70m, 1.80m high Floor lamp, for example, the ceiling height is better than 2.40m, if the ceiling is too low, the light will only be concentrated in the local area, making it feel too bright and not soft enough.

These are the categories of Floor lamps, I hope you will find them useful. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD is located in Guzhen town - the Lighting Capital of China. It’s a professional factory engaged in the research, design, and sale of home decorative lighting, such as pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, and so on, it works on wholesale products all over the world. If you need a Floor lamp, you can consider our cost-effective products. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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