Ceiling lamps selection strategy

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Ceiling lamps selection strategy

Lamps are essential household appliances, playing an important role in lamping. A ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp and lantern, the top is adsorbed in the ceiling, the shape is relatively simple. A suitable ceiling lamp not only has a lamping role but also can play a decorative effect. On the market, there are various types and styles of ceiling lamps, so it is difficult for people to choose. Here's a guide to buying ceiling lamps!

Here is the content list:

  • Tips for choosing ceiling lamps

  • Note on the use of lamps after selection

Tips for choosing ceiling lamps

1. Drive to choose a good

The driver is one of the components of a ceiling lamp. the main function of the LED driver circuit is to convert the AC voltage into a constant current power supply, and at the same time to complete the matching of voltage and current with the LED. At the same time, in the input voltage and ambient temperature and other factors occurring in the case of changes and change the ceiling lamp without a constant current source of voltage. The driver is good or bad, directly determines the reliability of this ceiling lamp, the length of life, and the effect of lamp.

2. The lamp source should be appropriate

With the widespread use of LED lamping, LED lamps are gradually penetrating into home lamping. For home ceiling lamps, the current lamp source used is mainly LED. Compared with other lamp sources, LED ceiling lamps are not very expensive, with power saving, long life, brightness, and cost-effective features.

3. Mask material

The most common ceiling lamp shades are acrylic shades, plastic shades, and glass shades.

Mask lamp transmission is the most concerned about consumers in the purchase. Plastic shade lamp transmission generally reaches up to 60%, while acrylic can reach more than 90%, can effectively protect the ceiling lamp, and extend the service life. And through the second stretching of the acrylic shade lamp transmission is also very uniform, from the surface is not visible ceiling lamp source, the plastic is worse, glass even more.

Acrylic is a kind of plastic, characterized by soft, lamp weight, good lamp transmission, not easy to be dyed, not with the lamp and heat chemical reaction and yellowing when buying and selling can first-hand pressure mask, see how soft, flexible better. This can better protect the appearance of the ceiling lamp.

Note on the use of lamps after selection

1. Buy back the ceiling lamp, first, do not rush to install, should look carefully at the markings of the lamps and lanterns and read the installation instructions, install the ceiling lamp in accordance with the provisions of the manual, according to the rules of use in the manual use lamps and lanterns.

2. According to the lamp source parameters provided by the logo in a timely manner to replace the aging lamp, found that the ends of the lamp red, the lamp jump does not lamp, the ceiling lamp should be replaced in a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of ballast burnout and other unsafe phenomena.

3. In the cleaning and maintenance, should be careful not to change the structure of the ceiling lamp and do not randomly replace the parts of the lamp, after the end of cleaning and maintenance, the ceiling lamp should be installed as-is, do not miss, wrongly installed parts of the lamp.

The above is some reference and post-purchase instructions for ceiling lamp purchase strategy, hope it can help friends in need. If you choose DLSS LAMPING CO., LTD, we will give you high-quality raw materials, professional procedures; 2 years warranty.

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