Choose chandeliers with a scientific eye

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Choose chandeliers with a scientific eye

The chandelier is of great significance to human life. It not only ensures the normal progress of people's diet, cultural entertainment, housework, etc., but also the crystal chandelieris integrated into unity with their beautiful shapes, colors, patterns, artistic effects, and interior decoration. General residences are divided into living rooms, study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and halls. Due to their different functions, the required light sources are also different.

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l  During our break

l  While we are eating

l  While we're in the shower

During our break

A simple bedroom is a place for people to sleep and rest. A hanging main light can be installed at the appropriate location in the room, and a bedside wall lamp can be installed at the head of the bed. In the case of a bedroom that is also used for multiple purposes, a ceiling-mounted modern chandelier can be installed in the center of the room, and two wall lamps can be installed in the key places where the illumination needs to be increased.

The restaurant is the place where people eat, and the table requires horizontal illumination, so it is advisable to choose a chandelier or pull-down chandeliers with strong downward direct irradiation, so that the pull-down height is 600-700 mm above the table, and the position of the lamps is generally on the table. Sometimes the restaurant also has other functions, so multiple sockets are required to serve as the power source for table lamps and floor lamps.

While we are eating

A kitchen is a place used for cooking and washing dishes. Generally, the area is small, and most of them use general lighting on the ceiling, with a capacity of 25-40 watts. Modern kitchens are equipped with range hoods above the stovetop, generally with 25–40-watt lighting, which greatly improves the illumination above the stovetop. In modern kitchens, there are many cabinets above the cooking and cooking stoves. A crystal chandelier can be installed under these cabinets to increase the illumination of the operating table.

While we're in the shower

The bathroom should use a bright and soft modern chandelier, the lamps should be moisture-proof and not easy to rust, and the light source should be incandescent lamps with high color rendering index. When using a modern chandelier, install the lamp on the wall perpendicular to the curtain, so as not to reflect the shadow on the window. When using a ceiling light, avoid installing it on top of a bathtub that is directly enveloped by steam. The power of wall lamps or ceiling lamps is preferably 40-60 watts.

At present, the modern chandelier market is extremely rich in varieties, with ever-changing shapes and different performances. The beauty of the chandelier is very important, and lamps with beautiful colors and good shapes can bring people a sense of pleasure. Since the lighting fixture is an organic composition of the entire room decoration, its style, material, and illuminance should be unified with the interior function and decoration style, and the lighting fixture should be purchased according to this principle. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically purchase a modern chandelier according to the functions of various parts of the room.

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