Explain the installation and construction of wall lamps

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Explain the installation and construction of wall lamps

A wall lamp is a lighting device that is fixed to a wall to provide a convenient source of illumination. Wall lamps come in a variety of styles, from simple coach lights to elaborate filigree lamps. Some wall lamps have the light source focused downward for reading, but most decorative wall lamps face upward. The lighting is on the ceiling and provides an indirect source of light for the interior environment. Let's take a look at some wall lamp installation tips!

Here is the content list:

  • Installation location determination

  • Gluing construction

  • Drying and aging

Installation location determination

Wall lamps are generally installed in public buildings stairs, foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, floor bedrooms, and other parts.

1. general wall lamp height, from the work surface (refers to the horizontal surface of 80 ~ 85cm from the ground) for 1440 ~ 1850mm, that is, from the ground 2240 ~ 2650mm. bedroom wall lamp can be closer to the ground, about 1400 ~ 1700mm or so.

2. The distance of the wall lamp picked out of the wall, about 95 ~ 400mm.

Installation method

The Wall lamp installation method is relatively simple, to be located to determine the location, mainly wall lamp holder fixed, often using pre-buried pieces or drilling method, the wall lamp fixed in the wall.

Gluing construction

There are more methods to apply glue, but the following are commonly used.

1. Brush coating method

Brush the adhesive on the wall lamp adhesive surface, which is the most simple and easy to use is also the most commonly used method. This method is suitable for single pieces or small batches and construction.

2. Spraying method

For low viscosity adhesive, you can use an ordinary paint spray gun for spraying. For those high viscosity adhesives with a short activity period and difficult cleaning, you can use the reinforced plastic industry from the Bur special spray gun. This method can make the wall lamp better bonding uniformity. The advantage of the spraying method is the uniform application of glue, high work efficiency; the disadvantage is the loss of glue (about 20 ~ 40%), solvent dissipation in the air pollution of the environment.

3. Self-flow method

Using rainfall type automatic device. This method is very suitable for flat wall lamps with board-shaped parts, with high work efficiency, and suitable for mass production. To make the glue not block the nozzle, the glue used must have proper viscosity and fluidity.

4. Scraping method

For high viscosity limb-like and paste-like adhesives and bonding parts like flooring, etc., can use the Lee glue board for glue application. To the glue board available 1 ~ 1.5mm thick elastic steel plate, hard PVC board, and other materials to make.

5. Another gluing method

Such as dipping glue method, glue injection method, etc.

Drying and aging

The adhesive will be painted on the wall lamp adhesive surface after, to make the adhesive easy to diffuse, infiltration, penetration and solvent evaporation, let it be exposed to the air to stand for some time. The resting process from the end of the glue application until the two adhesive surfaces are laminated, is called drying. In addition, the wall lamp drying and aging time vary according to the type of adhesive, there are generally the following three methods.

1. No need to dry and age, immediately after the application of glue and contact surface bonding wall lamp and press. Adhesives belonging to this category are leather glue, bone glue, and hot melt.

2. Need to dry after the application of glue, but also allows the aging. Belong to this category are solvent-based, latex type, and chemical reaction type adhesive containing organic solvents.

3. Both sides of the glue, drying up to the degree of finger touch dry Secretary with fingertip contact coating stock, to achieve the degree of sticky non-sticky), the contact surface and wall lamp lamination immediately after the pressure, no need to age. Solution-type rubber-type adhesives are belonging to this category.

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