Hotel Lighting Requirements

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Hotel Lighting Requirements

Hotel (jiǔ diàn) lighting requirements.

Hotel (jiǔ diàn) lighting engineering (Engineering) usually refers to the lighting fixtures used in the building (fú wù) for the decoration of ornaments or to set off the overall environment effect in the application site. (Light fixture), collectively referred to as hotel lighting.

The decorative effect (xiàoguǒ) of the hotel (jiǔ diàn) lighting is usually achieved through two aspects (tōng guò), one is the matching of the shape of the lighting product itself (zào xíng) and the environment, and the other is to illuminate the lighting itself and the environment through the luminescence of the light source. Surrounding space environment. Various environmental effects can be produced by matching the hotel lighting with the surrounding environment.

  1. The price factor of Customized Light fixture

The price of light fixtures of uniform grades is basically the same, just because of the difference in the manufacturing technology of the factory, the price may have some deviations. However, if the price of the lamps is If the average price of this lamp is too far from the market (shì chǎng), it will be a problem to make this lamp. As a hotel, since it decides to customize (Customized) lamps, they must choose integrity and strength, and reputation (public) praise) Good custom-made lamps manufacturers to complete the project of custom-made lamps

  2. The brightness and style required by the environment (environment) of the hotel (jiǔ diàn)

According to the hotel’s environmental design (design), it is suitable for the brightness of the hotel and the general interest of the hotel guests (kè hù). Suitable light is convenient for the hotel to work, and at the same time, it gives them a good atmosphere to make users feel at home. Let him stay in the hotel next time.

3. The security of lamps and lanterns (security)

  Because the hotel lamps are usually custom made lamps, especially in the lobby lamps, the lamps are relatively large, and the weight must be large. Safety is the first consideration (key point). Hotel lighting design has different meanings relative to each building. Lighting design is an important factor for hotels. Lighting design can not only reflect the unique atmosphere of the hotel, but also show that the warm light environment of the hotel attracts customers to stay and promotes more Good economic returns, so successful hotel lighting design is the main guarantee of hotel economy. Hotel chandelier refers to the high-end decorative lighting lamp that is hung on the ceiling of the room. No matter whether the chandelier is hung with wires or iron supports, it should not be hung too short, which hinders people's normal vision or makes people feel dazzling. The lighting manufacturer is a crystal for shop lighting, office lighting, hotel lighting, hotel lighting, museum lighting, LED lighting, clothing lighting, furniture lighting, home lighting, furniture lighting, jewelry lighting, counter lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial shop lighting, etc. Most of the crystal lamps on the market by lamp manufacturers start at thousands of yuan. Crystal lamps of different brands are similar in appearance. It is worth noting that some unscrupulous manufacturers only make superficial articles. They install high-quality lamp beads on the periphery or obvious places of larger crystal lamps, and shoddy lamps on the inner layer or hidden places of the lighting.

In short, the most important thing about the hotel (jiǔ diàn) Light fixture is to customize the appropriate lamps according to the hotel's user population. At the same time, we must pay attention to the quality of the materials and try to achieve low prices. High quality. Sales office chandeliers focus on sales office chandeliers, undertaking sales offices, clubs, hotels, hotels, villas, shopping malls, office buildings and other lamps! Reasonable price, high quality, sales office chandeliers, we will be happy to serve you 24 hours!

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