How do I install a floor lamp

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How do I install a floor lamp

Floor lamps are decorative lighting generally placed in the corners of sofas. Floor lamps have soft light and work well when watching TV at night. Floor lamps are available in a wide range of lampshade materials and consumers can choose according to their preferences. Some people also prefer Floor lamps with small tabletops, as they can place a fixed telephone on the small tabletop. So many people choose to install their own Floor lamps at home, but do you know how to do it?

Here is the content list:

•Preparation before installation

•Check the parts required for installation

•Installation sequence for floor lamps

Preparation before installation

With the exception of chandeliers and wall sconces, which are bulky and have a large number of pendants, Floor lamps and other lighting types can be installed entirely by yourself. Although the installation method for each floor lamp may vary slightly depending on the product design, it is often similar. We simply need to pay attention to the following points when installing Floor lamps: read the installation drawings carefully before installing the Floor lamp and prepare common tools such as flat Phillips screwdrivers and hammers. It is best not to get confused after unpacking the parts. If there are more similar parts, the drawings will draw a comparative diagram of the physical size and fork out the parts that are not used, making it very easy to sort out the various parts.

Check the parts required for installation

If you find any damage to the panels of the Floor lamp during the inspection, you can contact the merchant for replacement parts. Where screws, eccentrics, and wooden shafts are to be installed, the merchant will make good guide holes so that we do not have to worry about the positioning of the parts. However, we need to be careful not to put the wrong parts on and then screw them together repeatedly, otherwise, the panels will be easily damaged and the installed Floor lamp will often be unstable and tilted.

Installation sequence for floor lamps

Normally a Floor lamp should have a cast-iron chassis, slightly smaller in size than the surface base, and the order of parts from bottom to top should be: chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, base, stem, head, shade, plastic fasteners, bulb. Installing the Floor lamp in this order will be much easier.

These are the methods and precautions for installing Floor lamps. Floor lamps are very easy to install, especially iron floor lamps, but rattan Floor lamps are relatively difficult to install. Many lamps are mounted on the ceiling, so it is a worry when it comes to maintenance, as you have to climb to such a high place to dismantle them and reinstall them after cleaning. Floor lamps, on the other hand, are simple and can be cleaned easily when we clean the house. If you need a Floor lamp, you can consider our cost-effective products. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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