How do we choose a Table lamp

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How do we choose a Table lamp

There are many functions of Table lamps, for example, reading Table lamps, lamp body shape simple and lightweight, refers to the table lamp specifically used for reading and writing, this kind of Table lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction of light and brightness, mainly lighting reading function; decorative table lamps luxury appearance. The table lamp in the living room has gone far beyond the value of the lamp itself, the lamp has become an incomparable work of art, Table lamps in addition to reading, are decorative, more importantly, to protect our eyes. So do you know how to choose a Table lamp?

Here is the content list:

•Choosing a light source

•Checking the performance of the Table lamp

•Choosing the right style

Choosing a light source

There are generally four main types of light sources for desk lamps: incandescent, tungsten-halogen, fluorescent, and LED, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The light source of a writing Table lamp? is usually installed in a horizontal or downward position to throw most of the light onto the desk. Most people choose LEDs as the light source for their Table lamps because they are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and not easily damaged.

Checking the performance of the Table lamp

We can use one pull, two adjustments, three shakes, and four touches. "Pull": unplug the Table lamp power cord from the socket and pull the power cord out of the Table lamp cavity with force to see if the power cord is firmly connected. The power cord must not fall out of the lamp cavity. "Adjust": adjust the various working positions of the lamp, when adjusting, no sound should be made, and the working positions should be able to be easily and reliably locked after adjustment. "Shake": Adjust the Table lamp to the most unfavorable working position, then gently shake the plane on which the Table lamp is placed to see if the lamp will easily topple over; if the Table lamp is not smooth, it will easily topple over. "Touch": After lighting the lamp for some time (2 hours), touch the lampshade and other heat-generating parts that are easy to reach when using the Table lamp with your hands to see if they are hot, to prevent accidental burns during future use.

Choosing the right style

Because of the diversity of Table lamps, the size, style, and material of the lamps used are slightly different for different places of use. For example, Table lamps used in hotels are much larger than those used for home decoration, especially those used in hotel lobbies, which are larger, heavier, and more luxurious. European-style antique table lamps are durable and long-lasting, matching the European architectural style, which has the effect of icing on the cake. Modern business hotel suites are complemented by several modern, simple table lamps that are refreshingly simple and unobtrusive. Luxury high-grade Table lamps, with the right environment to match, embellish the space with good effect situation, whether the light is on, or off, are a work of art.

This is how we choose our Table lamps. With unique lamp design and leading optical applications, we strive to create home lighting and create a comfortable, healthy, and tasteful light environment to make your life simple, pleasant, and more fun. If you need a Table lamp, you can consider our cost-effective products. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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