How do we maintain our table lamps

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How do we maintain our table lamps

Table lamps that are not cleaned not only affect the lighting, but also the mood and even the health. However, many people only Maintain their Table lamps at home once every few years because they find it too much trouble to clean them and they are easily damaged. But maintaining the Table lamp in the right way will not damage the lamp, but will also protect it well. So do you know how to maintain a Table lamp?

Here is the content list:

•For more complex Table lamps

•For LED table lamps

•Cleaning Table lamps

For more complex Table lamps

For Table lamps that are not easy to dismantle and whose shades and bulbs are easily broken, we can use a light-colored cotton sock or a double layer of bath towels to turn over and gently wipe them on your hands. If the Table lamp is dirty, pour a little kitchen detergent on the cotton sock and wipe it once with a clean old cotton sock.

For LED table lamps

If you need to replace the light source (light tube), be sure to refer to the specified parameters of the LED rechargeable Table lamp for assembly, and do not go to alter the structure. The periphery of the Table lamp should not be water, and dust impurities; if stains are found, please clean them up in time. When using the Table lamp, try not to switch it on and off again, as this will greatly shorten the life of the lamp, as the current generated by the lamp is very high when it is switched on. LED rechargeable Table lamp battery protection, need to replace please choose qualified products, in the LED rechargeable Table lamp when the power is almost used up and then recharge, do not use up the power and then recharge, but also in the stay of a small surplus of power and then recharge. If the case is not used for a long time, can be charged once in a while, must not be put on a wet occasion.

Cleaning Table lamps

If the Table lamp is non-metallic, a wet cloth can be used to avoid the accumulation of dust, which hinders the lighting effect. It is important to note that when cleaning and protecting the lamp, care should be taken not to alter the structure of the lamp or to replace parts of the Table lamp at will. The key to cleaning the lamp is to be safe, you can cut off the power supply before cleaning and then put on two pairs of gloves to avoid danger and hand cleaning when the zero part is damaged. Do not use corrosive liquids for cleaning. When washing plastic and glass materials, you can use soapy water and detergent. Remove the parts that fall off easily, clean them separately and wipe them with a soft cloth and paper. After cleaning, check the number of parts and install them in stages to restore them to their original state.

These are the ways to maintain your Table lamp. If you need a Table lamp, you can consider our cost-effective products. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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