How to choose the arrangement of wall lamps will be more effective?

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A wall lamp is a lighting device that is fixed to the wall to provide a convenient source of illumination. Wall lamps come in a variety of styles, from simple coach lights to elaborate filigree wall lamps. Some wall lamps have the light source focused downward for reading, but most decorative wall lamps are oriented upward. The lighting is on the ceiling, providing an indirect source of light for the interior environment. So, what kind of height and quality of wall lamp is suitable for our use?

Here is the content list:

  • How to choose a wall lamp of suitable quality and height

  • Wall lamps are suitable for installation in which places.

How to choose a wall lamp of suitable quality and height

1. First look at the shade, usually the shade of the wall lamp will be glass, fabric, and PVC material mostly. You can light up the test to see the light transmission of the shade, as well as the shape and pattern of the lamp, which is coordinated with the home decor style.

2. And then look at the lamp bracket, wall lamp bracket is mostly made of metal, which requires us to examine its corrosion resistance is good, color and paint is not beautiful full.

3. As the wall lamp is more decorative, so soft light is appropriate, the wattage is controlled within 30 watts to reduce the heat generated by the damage to the wall. In addition to the need to choose different types of wall lamps according to the installation, the last thing to note is that it is best to choose the bulb that has a protective cover wall lamp, which can prevent ignition wallpaper, causing danger.

Wall lamps are suitable for installation in which places.

Wall lamp installation location: bedside

Because it is auxiliary lighting, the bedroom bedside needs wall lamps, because the bedroom generally needs to have auxiliary lighting decoration, installed in the bedside wall lamps, it is best to choose the head that can adjust the direction of the light should also be able to meet the requirements of reading, wall lamps style should be considered and bedding or curtains have certain echoes, to achieve a better decorative effect.

Wall lamp installation location: corridor or living room

In addition to the bedroom needs auxiliary lighting, general living room foyer or aisle and other spaces are also needed for auxiliary lighting, the general lighting of these places should be soft, installation height should be slightly higher than the horizon, the best use with some other decorations, such as an oil painting, decorated with flower arrangements in a vase, or a display of artwork wall frame, etc., so that the effect of the wall lamp decoration out More subtle.

Wall lamp installation location: in front of the mirror

In addition to the above two spaces need wall lamps for auxiliary lighting, the bathroom space in front of the mirror can also choose wall lamps for installation, bathroom mirror installation wall lamps are generally installed in the bathroom mirror above, it is best to choose the head down, the style of the lamp can be considered with the faucet or bathroom cabinet handles have certain echoes.

Wall lamp installation location: dining room

For small homes, under the influence of wall lamps often only need to have local lighting can create a comfortable feeling, such as small dining room, if you choose a chandelier decoration, the light may be too bright and harsh, and hanging chandeliers will make the already compact space more crowded, and choose one or both dining room wall style and tone with the wall lamps to decorate will be to make a decorative Landscape.

Nowadays, there is an increasing variety of lamps and lanterns in the lighting market, and among the many types of lamps and lanterns, wall lamps are one of the popular types. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD has long-standing close cooperation with many well-known raw material manufacturers in the industry. We are sure to be able to respond to your needs.

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