How to choose the right chandelier

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The choice of chandeliers is often a difficult problem in decoration. Now there are endless new lamps and lanterns on the market, such as round, square, flat, hanging, embedded, orange, milky, transparent, and so on. So how do choose the right one? Here's how to choose the right chandelier for you.

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l  Modeling

l  Color

l  Style


Although the shape of the modern chandelier has changed a lot, they are inseparable from the three categories of antique, innovative, and practical. Those who like magnificence should choose the first type of crystal chandelier. Those who pursue innovation can choose the second type of lamp with unique shapes. And practical lamps are indispensable, and when choosing, they should move closer to the above choices.


The color of the crystal chandelier should obey the color of the whole room. Because the lamp itself emits light, its color is more eye-catching. In order not to destroy the overall color design of the entire room, we must pay attention to the coordination of the color of the lampshade and shell of the chandelier with the color of the wall, furniture, and curtains. What should be explained here is that the color light emitted by the crystal chandelier is different from the color of the object. The three primary colors red, blue and yellow are mixed in equal quantities to make black. The sum of the three primary colors is gray. If it's blue plus yellow it's green. If it's blue plus yellow it's chartreuse. The decorator can experiment by himself, adding color light to a certain color in the room, which is a relatively advanced decoration method.


Choose a modern chandelier according to your artistic taste and living conditions. First of all, according to the living conditions, families with living rooms can use more fashionable lamps in the living room, such as three-pronged chandeliers, floral wall lamps, multi-section rotating floor lamps, etc. However, families with tight housing should not install too luxurious and fancy lamps, because this will increase the feeling of crowding. It is also not suitable to install modern chandeliers in rooms with a floor height of fewer than 2.8 meters. Only ceiling lamps can be installed to make the room appear higher.

If a ceiling fan is installed in a new house, then a room cannot have two centers. The main light of this type of room can be solved in two ways, either by installing a ring fluorescent lamp under the ceiling fan (there are stereotyped commercial products, specially equipped with ceiling fans), or installing a 30–40-watt modern chandelier above the curtain frame on the wall.

DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD's products have many different series, such as minimalist art series, art light luxury series, and fashion art series. I believe that it can meet the needs and aesthetics of different customers. The new product concept of DLSS is "elegant appearance, exquisite design, simple and modern style, keeping up with the world trend".

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