Information about Pendant Lamps

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Information about Pendant Lamps

Nowadays, in all kinds of artificial lighting spaces, it is not difficult to find the shadow of Pendant Lamps. Especially in-home lighting, Pendant Lamps are almost a must-have artifact. Next, let's learn some information about Pendant Lamps. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l  Introduction.

l  Types and performance.

l  Role.


Pendant lamps refer to high-grade decorative lighting lamps that are suspended on the indoor ceiling. The Pendant Lamp originated in Spain, which has a long maritime history. At first, it was only used for lighting on ships, and it was mostly lit by candles. With the progress of the times, the styles and uses of Pendant Lamps are also changing, and they have become an important part of interior design style. Whether the Pendant Lamp is hung with wires or iron supports, it should not be hung too low, so as not to hinder the normal sight of people or make people feel dazzling. Take the Pendant Lamp in the dining room as an example. The ideal height is to form a pool of lights on the dining table, but it will not obstruct the sight of everyone on the table. Now the hanging support of the Pendant Lamp has been installed with a spring or a height adjuster, which can adapt to buildings of different heights.

Types and performance.

There are most types of Pendant Lamps, commonly used European-style candlestick Pendant Lamps, Chinese-style Pendant Lamps, Crystal Pendant Lamps, Simple Pendant Lamps, fashion Pendant Lamps, Glass Pendant, Modern Pendant Lamps, olive Pendant Lamps, etc. Nowadays, the role of Pendant Lamps is not only limited to lighting, but its decorative role is also very important, so it must maintain a good decorative role while illuminating. Not only that but also require the Pendant Lamp to have superior performance, such as good transparency, high-temperature resistance, and other properties are very important.


Generally, Pendant Lamps are divided into two types: single-head Pendant Lamps and multi-head Pendant Lamps. Single-headed Pendant Lamps are mostly used in restaurants or kitchens. The installation height of single-headed Pendant Lamps in common restaurants will determine the hanging height of single-headed Pendant Lamps in restaurants according to the size of the restaurant, the height of the dining table, and the height of the room. In the selection, the restaurant single-head Pendant Lamp should also pay attention to details, because the brightness of the restaurant's single-head Pendant Lamp directly affects the vision and mood of the diners. Multi-head Pendant Lamps are mostly used in the living room. The selection of multi-head Pendant Lamps in the living room will be determined according to the living room area and the height of the living room. If it is a small-sized living room, it is recommended to choose a ceiling lamp. On the contrary, a large-sized living room can choose a stable and elegant Pendant Lamp as the main light.

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