Installation information for Pendant Lamps

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Installation information for Pendant Lamps

Large Pendant Lamps are often installed on structural layers, such as roof trusses and beams, while small Pendant Lamps are often installed on shelving or reinforcing joists. Whether a single Pendant Lamp or a combination Pendant Lamp is produced by the lighting factory at one time, the difference is that a single Pendant Lamp can be installed directly, and the combination Pendant Lamp should be installed after the combination or combined during installation. For large-area and strip-shaped lighting, the form of hanging lightboxes and light stands are mostly used. Next, let's learn about the installation information of the Pendant Lamp. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l  Material preparation.

l  Structural layer connections.

Material preparation.

The construction materials commonly used to install Pendant Lamps are as follows. Timber, aluminum alloy sheet, steel, are mainly used as support members. There are also plastics, plexiglass plates, and glass as spacers, external decorative veneers, heat sinks, and copper plates. And other accessories such as screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps, adhesives, etc. Commonly used construction tools are pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, electric jigsaws, electric hammers, hand grips, rulers, paintbrushes, etc.

Structural layer connections.

Its operation method mainly considers the connection of embedded parts and transition parts. First, pre-embed iron or wooden bricks in the structural layer of the Pendant Lamp. The burial position should be accurate and there should be enough room for adjustment. Secondly, transition connecting pieces are arranged on the iron pieces and wooden bricks, which is convenient to adjust the error of the pieces and can be nailed, welded, and screwed through with the pieces. Finally, the boom and sling are connected to the transition piece.

The following three points should be paid attention to during installation and construction. First, if there are multiple Pendant Lamps during installation, you should pay attention to their position and length. The Pendant Lamp can be installed at the same time as the ceiling so that the position and height of the light can be adjusted according to the ceiling joist. Second, the method of direct exit method and casing method can be used for the hanging rod out of the ceiling. The method of adding a meeting pipe is conducive to installation, which can ensure the integrity of the ceiling panel, and only drill holes at the position where the pipe needs to be exited. The hanging cup directly out of the ceiling is not easy to align the drilling holes on the board during installation. Sometimes it is possible to install the boom first and then cut off the panel to dig holes for installation, but it will affect the decorative effect. Third, the hanging rod of the Pendant Lamp should have a certain length of thread for adjusting the height. When suspending the lightbox below the suspender rod, attention should be paid to the reliability of the connection.

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