Matters needing attention when choosing hotel Pendant Lamps

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Matters needing attention when choosing hotel Pendant Lamps

Pendant Lamps are the most used hotel decoration lamps today. It not only brightens the hotel space but also adds a lot of design to the space, creating a unique atmosphere. Next, let's take a look at the matters needing attention when choosing hotel Pendant Lamps. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l  Durability.

l  Light cast index.

l  Security.


Usually, a star-rated hotel does a small innovative repair every five years, and a large innovative repair every ten years. In other words, the service life of the Pendant Lamp must be at least ten years or more to meet the needs of star-rated hotels. Since small repairs usually do not replace the Pendant Lamp, it means that in the selection of the Pendant Lamp, the heat and pressure capacity of the Pendant Lamp, including the reflector cup, heat dissipation components, and the quality of the fixed components are very important.

Light cast index.

To give customers a comfortable, high-end, and individual environment, the "lighting description" of the Pendant Lamp should help star hotels to express it as much as possible. Usually, the light projection index to be considered in the selection of Pendant Lamps in "lighting description" includes the following: "CutoffAngle" of the lamp, glare effect, how to store the light source, the elasticity of the projection direction of the lamp, the expandability of accessories, etc. These factors all affect the selection of Pendant Lamps. Especially in terms of the scalability of accessories, thinking should be comprehensive. Due to the control of "projection point of view", "color correction", "glare avoidance", "accurate projection/lighting", etc. on the light projection index, most of them rely on these accessories to create the overall atmosphere.


Safety is always a factor that people first consider. Hotel lobby Pendant Lamps are often larger in size and gorgeous in shape. Therefore, when purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the structure and material of the load-bearing bracket are commensurate with the weight of the lamp. The structure of the bracket should be adapted to the shape of the lamp, and the force of each part should be uniform. The cross-sectional area of the bracket member should be sufficient to support the weight of each part of the Pendant Lamp and the total weight of the lamp. When choosing a Pendant Lamp, you can't blindly be greedy for cheap, but you must first look at its quality and check whether the warranty certificate and certificate of qualification are complete. Only the quality of the Pendant Lamps is strictly checked to ensure the safety of people.

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