Modern chandelier

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Modern chandelier

Modern chandelier enriches the expressive power and beautification means of modern lamps and lighting to the lighting environment. The following is the introduction of the modern chandelier.

Here is the content:

l  Towards multi-functional miniaturization

l  The development of lighting and decoration

l  Application of high-efficiency and energy-saving light sources

Towards multi-functional miniaturization

With the development of compact light sources, various new technologies and processes are continuously adopted, and the electrical accessories for lamps such as ballasts are miniaturized. The modern chandelier is developing in the direction of small, practical, and multi-functional.

To adapt to the flexibility requirements of changing indoor sizes and functions in modern buildings, and make the best use of building space to facilitate people's lives, multi-functional combined lamps and lanterns came into being. For example, the ceiling fan lamp suitable for home and office uses a control system that integrates lighting dimming and fan speed regulation functions, which can not only implement full-range dimming of the light source but also implement three-speed speed control for the fan, which is convenient and practical. It has four functions: a desk lamp, a lamp for medical examination, and a lamp for nurses' ward rounds at night.

The development of lighting and decoration

Modern chandeliers are in the transition from "lighting up" to "beautiful", with more emphasis on decorative and aesthetic effects. The design and production of modern chandeliers use modern science and technology, combine classical modeling with a sense of the times, and reflect the achievements of modern lighting technology. The European-style decoration style is generally matched with crystal chandeliers to highlight its luxurious style. The characteristics of the development of composite lighting fixtures are to ensure lighting conditions and visual comfort, most of the lamps are equipped with various series of complete sets of accessories so that users can adjust themselves according to their needs. The crystal chandelier emphasizes both individuality and coordination with the background environment. In short, one of the important signs reflecting the level of modern lighting products is to see whether they can highlight their characteristics and decorative effects while coordinating the entire environment.

Application of high-efficiency and energy-saving light sources

In recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving chandelier technology, the design of energy-saving lighting fixtures has become the most concerned issue for lighting manufacturers. And it is recognized that to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving chandelier. Energy-saving light sources should be used first, which is the premise of promoting high-efficiency energy-saving lamps. Secondly, according to the size and shape of the energy-saving light source, the optical system of the lamp is carefully designed to improve the effective utilization rate and decorative effect of the chandelier.

Using computer-aided design, through the requirements of lighting place brightness, light distribution curve, lamp function, and structure design, so that modern chandelier can meet the practical needs and maximize the effect of light sources. And pay more attention to the decorative aesthetic effect of the appearance of modern chandeliers, thus forming the four major trends in the development of modern lighting.

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