More Ways to Clean Pendant Lamps

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The Pendant Lamp is a very practical household lamp, especially the crystal Pendant Lamp, whether it is installed in the living room or the bedroom, it has an irresistible style. Nowadays, many people like to install Pendant Lamps in their homes, especially young people, who install a Glass Pendant in their bedroom to decorate a warm atmosphere. The Pendant Lamps are of course beautiful, but some people think that hanging the Pendant Lamps so high on the ceiling is too difficult to clean. Next, let’s dig a little deeper into more ways to clean Pendant Lamps. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l  The first is the spray method.

l  The second is the disassembly method.

l  The third is the micro-particle jet degaussing and quick-dry cleaning method.

The first is the spray method.

There is now a special cleaner on the market for cleaning Pendant Lamps. If we feel that it is too troublesome to clean the crystal balls on the crystal Pendant Lamps one by one, we can buy this special cleaner on the market. Its usage is very simple, as long as it is sprayed on the Pendant Lamp, the dust falling on the Pendant Lamp will be taken away with the volatilization of the cleaner.

The second is the disassembly method.

For some Modern Pendant Lamps that are too bulky and have complicated dismantling and installation procedures, special lifting tools should be used for cleaning, or professional personnel should come to clean them. But for some Simple Pendant Lamps that are small and easy to install at home, we can completely remove them for cleaning. It's just that the Pendant Lamps are generally hung higher, and it is best to have multiple people do it together when taking them down. The power must be turned off before removing the Pendant Lamp down. Then use vinegar as a cleaning agent. First, pour about 10 ml of vinegar into about 500 ml of water, stir it evenly, then soak the rag in the adjusted detergent, wring it dry and use it to wipe the Pendant Lamp, so that the Pendant Lamp can be cleaned. Moreover, after wiping with vinegar, the surface of the Pendant Lamp is not only smooth and clean, but also avoids static electricity, and dust is no longer easy to get on. Then install it back as it is.

The third is the micro-particle jet degaussing and quick-dry cleaning method.

To solve the problems encountered when cleaning with traditional methods, we launched a professional cleaning business for large lamps. The cleaning method is completely different from the traditional disassembly soaking method or spray cleaning method. The Pendant Lamp is cleaned and degaussed by using the domestic leading disassembly-free particle jet degaussing and quick-dry cleaning method. There is no need to disassemble the lamps in the whole process, to ensure that the Pendant Lamps are not damaged at all, and the meticulous safety measures can be "accurate, professional and fast" no matter how high or complex. After cleaning, the Pendant Lamp is clean and bright, and there is no damage or corrosion to the metal parts.

Our official website is If you are interested in our Pendant Lamp products or have any other needs, please remember to contact us. Our high-quality products have high-quality raw materials, as well as professional production procedures. At the same time, we provide a 2-year warranty period, you can choose our products with confidence.

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