Wall lamp maintenance and precautions

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With the continuous progress of society, people's requirements for home decoration are getting higher and higher, which has promoted the development of furniture and lighting. Among them, wall lamps also seem to have become the object of consumers' favor. Although the installation is simple, to make the wall lamp achieve the desired effect, wall lamp maintenance and installation need to have a few notes.

Here is the content list:

  • Wall sconce maintenance methods

  • A wall lamp installation precaution

Wall sconce maintenance methods

1. The wall lamp is very easy to accumulate dust, and the need for regular dusting, and then wipe with a wet rag wrung out, the strength should be moderate. Clean the interior of the lamp to turn off the light first, the bulb will be taken down and wiped.

2. Wall lights installed on the wall must pay attention to the phenomenon of water seepage, to avoid wall lights off, to check often from time to time. Usually use remember not to frequently switch on and off, so as not to affect the service life of the wall lamps.

A wall lamp installation precaution

1. Wall lamp shade or lamp base need to do a good job of sealing, need to pay attention to waterproof, dustproof, etc. because the wall lamp work temperature is relatively high, lamp base and shade and some original parts need to use rubber pad or silicone rubber pad, if you do not do these jobs, then the stability of the wall lamp is not good, easy to fall off and other phenomena.

2. The process of installing wall lamps, we are here to talk about the process of the main consideration is the color of the wall lamp and the color of the light, first of all, the color of the wall lamp and electricity to be and the installation of wire color effect of the wire lining, harmonious blend, otherwise, it is easy to affect the aesthetic, if the tone atmosphere and wall lamps do not match the situation, not only any decorative effect but also may affect the integrity of the entire decoration.

3. Outdoor wall lights lighting is a special requirement, because the outdoor lighting work and the environment are more variable, uncontrollable factors are more, such as we usually pay attention to the temperature, humidity, rain, dust, and other natural or unnatural conditions of the impact, if not do a good job of wall lamp protection measures and maintenance work, wall lamps are prone to rapid aging, therefore, outdoor wall lights need to do regular maintenance and some security measures.

4. Wall lamp installation is the need to choose a good quality radiator, we also mentioned above, because the wall lamp working temperature is relatively high, so the radiator has become the main protection measures for wall lamp installation skills, and if the outdoor wall lamp in the outdoor continuous work more than eight o'clock, the temperature can reach 40 ℃ or higher, such a temperature is a certain degree of danger, so the need to open a timely cooling device.

Since ancient times, the Chinese people are very careful about the layout of the problem, paying attention to the setting of the orientation and the impact it has on the very careful. We hope that the above explanation will help you to layout your wall light, DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD is always looking forward to cooperating with you!

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