Wall lamps cleaning methods who understand?

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Wall lamps cleaning methods who understand?

Decorative crystal lamps can make the living room look more atmospheric, gorgeous, for the decoration of the room is also great. What kinds of crystal wall lamps and what cleaning methods are there? Today let me do a detailed introduction to the relevant content, hope to help you, but also wish you can have a good decoration process and experience.

Here is the content list:

  • Types of wall sconces in the home and how to maintain

  • Lighting cleaning methods book

Types of wall sconces in the home and how to maintain

1. Types of wall sconces

Common: color-changing wall lamps, ceiling lamps, bedside lamps, and so on. Ceiling lights are mainly installed in the balcony, stairs, corridors. And color-changing wall lamps, usually only used for festivals, parties. Bedside lamps, as the name implies, are naturally to be installed on both sides of the bed, like to read friends may wish to install a, is very useful for reading.

2. Maintenance points

To regularly clean the wall lamp, lamps and lanterns if not cleaned for a long time, easy to make dust accumulate on the light, affecting the output efficiency, so at least every 3 months to clean the wall lamp. To regularly replace the old lamp. Incandescent and fluorescent tubes in the life of 80%, the output beam is reduced to about 85%, replace before the end of life.

Ceiling and walls with light colors, can increase the reflection of light, improve the effect of light diffusion to save electricity. Wall lamp decoration at home can also regulate the atmosphere, but the partners should often pay attention to cleaning and maintenance so that the wall lamp can be used for a long time.

Lighting cleaning methods book

Regularly clean the lampshade, lamp, and bulb to avoid the accumulation of dust and affect the lighting effect of the wall lamp, if you find black deposits on both ends of the lamp, it should be replaced promptly.

1. Prepare a ladder, cloth and cleaner, and other tools and supplies.

2. First turn off the power, lay a sponge mat directly below the wall lamp to prevent the ladder from scratching the floor and to keep the wall lamp fixture from being broken in case of a fall.

3. Ladder put stable, one of the stiff climbs up, the wall lamp parts or crystal ball one by one to take off, put in the bucket, so that the wall lamp parts and light bulbs, in turn, all off (in the pick time to take a pen and paper to different parts of the installation location marked clearly, to install).

4. Put the bucket with parts (a blade, crystal ball, etc.) at the faucet, pour the special cleaner into the bucket and fill it with water, and clean them one by one. Then wipe the water droplets on the wall lamp components and then wipe the bulb with a dry towel.

5. After the team members on the ladder pick the parts, wipe the plated light frame with a towel.

6. After everything is wiped dry, start to assemble the leaves according to the drawings, etc. In addition, moisture-proof is the key to wall lamp maintenance, especially the bathroom, bathroom lamps are to install moisture-proof lampshades to prevent the wall lamp from moisture, to avoid rust damage;

This is the introduction to the cleaning and maintenance of wall lamps; I hope it will help you. DLSS LIGHTING CO., LTD sincerely hopes that it can bring convenience and ritual to your life and improve your sense of happiness. Sincerely wish you a happy life and a happy family!

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