What is the effect of the chandelier related to?

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What is the effect of the chandelier related to?

Lighting is inseparable from chandeliers, and chandeliers are a concentrated reflection of lighting. They are not only a tool to complete architectural functions and create visual conditions, but also a part of architectural decoration and unity of lighting technology and architectural art. Therefore, the requirements for chandeliers must be functional, economical, and artistic.

Here is the content:

l  Material of chandelier

l  Color temperature

l  Changes in light

Material of chandelier

At present, the materials that can be used to make chandeliers and lanterns are very wide, such as metal, ceramics, glass, plastic, bamboo, paper, etc., and the source of materials is very wide. The selection of suitable lighting materials, in addition to the economy, should be considered from the overall environmental conditions and the texture and decorative effects of the materials to create different atmospheres. The use of glass and crystal chandeliers can form a beautiful atmosphere. Lamps made of chrome-plated, nickel-plated metal can show a strong modern feel. Lamps made of natural materials such as stone, ceramics, bamboo, and would often give people a sense of simplicity and intimacy.

Color temperature

Objects illuminated by natural light or modern chandelier light sources must have sufficient brightness to show color, and human eyes can have a sense of color. When the light disappears, the color also disappears. The light sources currently used in artificial lighting include incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, modern chandeliers, high-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps. To create architectural space effects and architectural artistic effects that are in line with architectural functions and are conducive to production activities and cultural activities, attention should be paid to the mutual coordination of light and color. Light is the same as color, and it has a distinction between cold and warm to people's psychological feelings. Light is described by color temperature, and the color is expressed by color image. The two are very similar. Therefore, the light color of the modern chandelier and the texture, color, and illuminance of the interior decoration materials can be flexibly matched to form a suitable environment atmosphere.

Changes in light

Sometimes to strengthen the spatial effect and enrich and improve certain requirements of the shape of the crystal chandelier, the changing distribution of light can be used to create various visual effects. For example, in interior decoration, light is often used in conjunction with fabrics and decorative parts to deal with the indoor background, and the color of the light, fabric, drapery, and platform are used to virtually separate the indoor space into areas that attract sight. For example, to prevent guests from seeing the bed when they enter the door at night, a crystal chandelier can be used to highlight the paintings on the wall as the visual center, attracting the first attention of the guests after entering the door.

With the continuous change of architectural space, furniture scale, people's ideology, and lifestyle, the light source, material, style, and setting method of modern chandeliers have undergone great changes. When considering indoor lighting, the first thing that should be paid attention to is the uniform style of the lamps used in the room.

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